• Working Couple
    Working Couple

    A professional couple in their fifties came to Windward seeking a relationship with a fee-only advisor to guide them to their financial goals and investments, without trying to sell them expensive insurance and investment products. Read More.

  • Active Retirees
    Active Retirees

    After accumulating approximately $2,500,000 over his lifetime, this energetic retiree came to Windward looking to minimize his annual taxes from his portfolio withdrawals. For the past four years, he had been withdrawing from his portfolio and his annual taxes were more than he expected. Read More.

  • Business Owners
    Business Owners

    A small business owner worked and saved his whole life, putting all his financial resources back into the business. He came to Windward looking for strategies to maximize his wealth and transition the business ownership to his two adult sons. Read More.

  • On My Own
    On My Own

    After grieving her spouse’s sudden death, she turned to Windward for help with the overwhelming task of taking charge of her financial life. For thirty-six years, her husband had managed their financial life and now she was alone. Read More.

  • Goodbye Nine to Five
    Goodbye Nine to Five

    They came to Windward with one thing on their mind: retirement. They saved during their working years and were inching closer and closer to the finish line. They had budgeted and sacrificed and were looking forward to enjoying it all, but their main concerns were “will we run out of money?” and “how will we know when we can retire?”. Read More.